Ricky Biz Members meeting - coming soon... date/venue to be announced

Date of this message – 7 March 2024

More about the different levels of membership - all are FREE:

Ricky Biz Membership

This is the membership to apply for if you are applying on behalf of a business in Rickmansworth.  You will join the Town Centre Task Force team which will be dedicated to helping to shape the future of Rickmansworth Town Centre.  You will also become a member of Rickmansworth Town Team CIC and can be involved in all other aspects of the Town Team’s activities.

Individual Community Member

If you are a resident or are employed in Rickmansworth and would like to get involved with the activities of the Town Team, please sign up for this level of membership by clicking join now above.

There is no obligation to volunteer at any events, but that would always be very welcome.  You may have skills that you can offer the Team… admin, website skills, accounting/book keeping skills and we are always on the lookout for stewards at the events we run.

Shcool, Not for Profit or Charity Community Member

If you are representing one of the above, we would really appreciate your membership.  In 2022 The Rickmansworth Society wound up, and whilst the team in its current form cannot take on the wonderful activities of the Rickmansworth Society, it would be fabulous if we could do this in the future.  Without the support of the wonderful organisations in Rickmansworth we will never be able to get this off the ground.   We would welcome your input and support for activities that the Town Team get involved with at present, and also ideas for future events.

The structure of the Town Team is that each event is treated as a project, with a project leader and team, with each project sponsored by a member of the Board.  To date we have delivered successfully a number of projects and are always happy to consider new projects, if you have any ideas… and more importantly are willing to help deliver them: 

  • Rickmansworth Winter Fair
  • Rickmansworth French Markets – Spring and Autumn
  • Rickmansworth Folk Festival
  • Rickmansworth Remembers project 2014 to 2018 – we raised £1700 for the Royal British Legion and the There But Not There Project
  • Helping to deliver the regular #loveyourhighstreet market on the last Sunday every month – March to December, in partnership with Batchworth Community Council
  • The launch of the project; Ricky Biz, for the businesses of Rickmansworth to co-ordinate and collaborate and help shape the future of Rickmansworth Town Centre and the High Street

The objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to

  • Promoting and supporting the social, economic, cultural and environmental regeneration of Rickmansworth.
  • Promoting and supporting events and activities for the benefit of local people.
  • Identifying and promoting opportunities for the local community, especially young people, to develop skills, build confidence and capability.
  • Conveying positive perceptions of Rickmansworth to the wider community, and build pride in our town.
  • Promote and contribute to community/neighbourhood planning, and apply it to Rickmansworth, and build on its values and principles.


To further its objects the Company may do all such lawful things as may further the Company’s objects and, in particular, but, without limitation, may borrow or raise and secure the payment of money for any purpose including for the purposes of investment or of raising funds.

A full copy of the Articles of Association can be downloaded here.

You can find out more about membership of Rickmansworth Town Team here:

Full details of your role as a member can be found by clicking on the document opposite.  If you have any queries at all, please contact us via the contact page.