Join us for a vibrant day of folk festivities! The Morris dancing sides will kick off their performances on Rickmansworth High Street at 11am, then move to the Conservative Club on Bury Lane.

Folk on The Bury festivities kick off at 10:30am with a special paid workshop by the renowned Anna Tabbush. The music line up begins at 12 noon and continues until 6pm. Bring your chairs, relax, and enjoy an afternoon filled with talented musicians.

Treat yourself to the delights of our beer tent run by Anchor Tap & Bottle, where you can savour craft beers and other beverages. And don’t miss Dutchie’s Jerk Joint’s 5-star food. Dutchies will be supplying authentic Caribbean cuisine, freshly prepared with delicious secret family recipes. Rest assured, there will be toilets available on The Bury.

Bring your nearest and dearest and don’t miss out on this fantastic day of FREE entertainment!

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Folk on The Bury Line Up 2024

In Order of appearance:

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11:45 • Anna Tabbush & workshop attendees (book your place for the workshop)
12:00 • Callum Granger
12:30 • Lemon Tuesday
13:00 • Damian Clarke
13:40 • Eirra
14:20 • Anna Tabbush Trio
15:10 • Sean Spicer
15:40 • Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne
16:00 • Reg Meuross
17:00 • James Delarre & Saul Rose

Meet Our Morris Sides:

In no particular order, Morris sides will take turns in dancing on the High Street from 11am and outside the Conservative Club on Bury Lane:

 • Phoenix Morris
 • Whitehorn
 • Wicket Brood

Book your place at the Folk Singing Workshop:

The Folk Artists:

James Delarre & Saul Rose

We are very excited about our lineup this year. Headlining will be old friends James Delarre (Topette!!, Mawkin) and Saul Rose (Faustus, Eliza Carthy). This pair are known for their warmth and exquisitely delivered traditional tunes and songs. The duo intertwines seamlessly; dancing around the tunes between the notes, finding space and air, and breathing fresh energy into the music.

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Reg Meuross

We are extremely lucky to have award-winning Reg Meuross playing for us. A true modern troubadour, he represents contemporary English folk writing at its best. Captivating audiences with his beautiful tenor voice, and with breadth and depth of material that is unparalleled. After 15 critically acclaimed albums, Reg continues to prove how highly relevant his songs are, whilst reaching new audiences with consistently spellbinding performances.

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Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

A spine-tingling traditional folk performer, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne (Granny’s Attic), is a fine player of both the melodeon and Anglo concertina. His rich voice soars through a range of historical ballads, industrial songs, and shanties, with a particular penchant for material from the West Midlands, where he lived for much of his life.

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Anna Tabbush Trio

Anna Tabbush Trio is a contemporary folk singer/songwriter who has gained renown for her brand of heartfelt, socially conscious, and catchy songwriting. As well as running the workshop before the start of the festival, she will be playing with Camilo Menjura (guitar/vocals) and Rachel Drayson (cello).

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Damian Clarke

Damian Clarke is happy to make use of a stage and play through a PA, he usually plays completely acoustically and is just as happy under the shade of an oak tree. He also performs as a strolling Minstrel, walking around the site playing on the Hurdy Gurdy, adding character and taking his audience back to times of yore.

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Eirra is a singer-songwriter from Hertfordshire whose heartfelt, personal lyrics and memorable songs are inspiring a steadily growing following.

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Callum Granger

Callum Granger is returning to the festival and will be the opening act at noon, his enjoyable acoustic performances are inspired by folk greats. Callum has recorded his first double single, "Better Days To Come // Days Of Sweet Wine And Roses," in his home studio, and his songs are now available on all streaming platforms.

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Sean Spicer

One of our younger performers; Sean Spicer is a musician from Bristol who is an exponent and preserver of traditional harmonica playing, taking inspiration from archive recordings of players across the British Isles. He has a long list of achievements for a young musician, including HarmonicaUK's Champion in 2023 in the folk/melodic category, and was recently a New Roots 2024 finalist.

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Lemon Tuesday

Lemon Tuesday is a local female choir led by Emily Leather, their Musical Director. Well known for its diverse musical repertoire, Lemon Tuesday’s usual performances feature a mix of pop, show tunes, jazz, classical, and a cappella pieces. However, they have embraced the opportunity to focus on varied folk pieces, especially for the Rickmansworth Folk Festival.

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The Morris Sides:

Phoenix Morris

We are a side of morris dancing men and women based in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Our dances are traditional Cotswold Morris Dances with some which we have developed on traditional Cotswold lines. Click on the image for more information.


Whitethorn Morris are a ladies North West Morris side from Harrow. The side was formed in 1977 and dances in a characteristic red, white and blue kit. The dances are predominantly from the North West of England, especially Lancashire and Cheshire, and are performed in the style of north west London in inimitable Whitethorn fashion. Click on the image for more information.

Wicket Brood

Formed in 1994 we are a Morris dancing team (or ‘side’) performing dances in the Border tradition. We practice in the village of Bricket Wood in Hertfordshire, England (near St. Albans, Watford and London). In our quest for an appropriate, original and witty name for the side, we deduced that a spoonerism of our home base might conjure up images of a mysterious assembly of dark shadowy characters keeping alive ancient rituals and traditions. Maybe that was wishful thinking but it’s a name and we like it! Click on the image for more information.

An Evening of Local Folk

Attending The Event:

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If you can use public transport, cycle, walk to attend the event, that would be great!  However, if you are unable to do so, there are plenty of car parks around Rickmansworth Town Centre, however there will be a charge for staying.  The Bury Gardens are pedestrian access only.  You can find all you need on the map below.

Car Parks in Rickmansworth - click on the image to enlarge

Past Events:

Want to get involved?

If you are a member of a Morris Side, and would like to take part in future events- please contact Michael Stimpson,  a member of the Town Team and also a member and former Squire of the Phoenix Morris – for more details.  If you are a Folk Singer,  and would like to perform at future events,  please contact Catherine Imrie.  We are always looking for stewards to help out on the day – if you would like to volunteer – please contact the Town Team.  Hi Vis jackets will be provided!